A Thank You to the Ex-Mother-in-Law Who Didn’t Like Me

My ex-mother-in-law and I had a terrible relationship. It was the cause of many fights between my ex-husband and I and created great stress. I’m not here to write about those old stressors or air any dirty laundry. It was difficult to go through and hurt me that my MIL did not like me, but I made my mistakes too, and that time is over.

When my ex and I separated, and he went back to his parents to stay for a while, I worried that my relationship with her would be worse than it was before. I fretted about how much his parents must hate me since we were splitting up. I figured there would be comments left and right about me, the terrible mother and person. “My daughter would end up not liking me,” I thought, letting the worst thoughts run through my head. How could this go well?

Guess what… It did.

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We May Not Be BFF’s But There’s Peace & GoodWill,



2 thoughts on “A Thank You to the Ex-Mother-in-Law Who Didn’t Like Me

  1. maroonsugar72 says:

    I can only hope to have a divorce like yours. I too want all the hatred to go away and for us both to live happily. If we are both happy than our daughter will be happy as well. I am so happy for you to have this new found relationship and I know it will lead to other bright things in your future.xoxo

    • frommtvtomommy says:

      Thank you so much! I hope for you to have happiness as well. I will see that we have good and bad days. It is hard … and sad. But I try my best…it’s all anyone can ask of me right?
      Hang in there and thanks for reading!!

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