But Mommy, You’ll Be Alone

On Mother’s Day, I said goodbye to my dog.

She didn’t die. No, she’s still alive and perky at almost eleven years old, but I gave her to my ex-husband. I didn’t want to even though he will be great to her, has known her since she was two and loves her, but when I found out we (daughter and I) were losing our home in seventy days, I had to find a good safe home for my kid–and fast! The challenge in finding a place was threefold: one on a shoestring budget, one close to my ex in order to keep a great coparenting relationship, and one in a decent school district. When I found a place, it didn’t accept dogs. Worse still even if it did, I sadly cannot afford to care for my pup’s upkeep and allergy medications with rent over my head.

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Alone But Not Lonely,


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