5 Reasons You Should Date My Ex-Husband (Seriously!)

Divorce, for many people, is ugly and devastating. Divorce has been a devastating loss for me. Sure, it hasn’t always been sunshine and kittens, but more often than not thankfully, the experience has been very amicable.

The divorce has given us the chance to become friends again, see the good in each other, and learn how to parent together effectively in a way we couldn’t do when we were together.

Losing my marriage helped me gain a new sense of self and forced me to grow faster than I wanted to, but I caught up. The phoenix, indeed, does rise through the ashes.

Sure, the thought of my daughter having a stepmother one day is a tough pill to swallow, but I can say wholeheartedly to the single women out there: You would be lucky to meet (and start dating) my ex. Here’s why:

Read More: 5 Reasons You Should Date My Ex-Husband (Seriously!)

I miss him, but we have to part,


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