What It Feels Like to Have the ‘Best Divorce’

In divorce, divorce advice, love, marriage on May 20, 2015 at 8:52 pm

Everyone tells me how lucky I am. Lucky my ex is a good dad. Lucky my ex and I are not psychopaths. Lucky we get along.

I’m just the luckiest woman ever! I have the best divorce ever.

It’s ironic. People find me to have luck in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Why? Well see, I don’t have a bad relationship with my ex. We work together, co-parent pretty effectively, and we communicate daily. He’s not stalking me. I’m not stalking him. We aren’t deadbeat parents. I’m not begging him for money. He’s not being ripped off for his money by me. As far as all my divorced acquaintances and friends are concerned, I hit the jackpot. My married friends breathe a sigh of relief that my ex is a good dad and we aren’t running up lawyer bills and screaming day in and day out at each other.

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Doing The Best With What I Have Got,



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