11 Brutal Truths About Loving An Assertive Woman (As Told By One)

So you’ve met a loud and assertive woman and you’ve fallen in love with her, have you? Or perhaps you want to fall for her, but she intimidates you.

Here’s what you need to know about your loud, spunky, assertive lady … as written by one!

1. She can’t help but draw attention to herself.

Even when I’m just mellow, I seem to call attention to myself. Actually, I don’t notice that anyone is paying attention to me, but old partners of mine have pointed out: “Hey, people are insert X (looking, reacting, etc.) to you.”

Assertive women own the space they walk in, and if they’re loud or spunky to boot — even if they’re just saying hi — someone might notice. It’s not necessarily intentional.

When I step onto a train or head into a Starbucks I don’t consider it a defining moment to “work the runway.” Nope, I’m just your average short girl who is moving forward with her day, but I do smile a lot and move with a rapid pace. The smile alone is enough to garner attention in this humdrum world.

Your loud and assertive babe will draw attention by her energy, and not necessarily because she wants the spotlight. If you don’t like it, guess whose problem that is? Your own insecure self’s problem and not hers.

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Sassy & Spunky,


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