Why You Should Divorce Your Diamonds When You Divorce Your Ex

It had been over a year since the last time I looked at my wedding and engagement rings, until this past week.

My daughter and I were living in the marital home until my ex signed over the deed. This was the most solid decision he could make as we were in risk of foreclosure and as sole owner of the home, he would have been impacted the worst. Of course even though this was the best decision made in bad circumstances, I was not ready to leave the house financially. I had seventy-three days to move and so I frantically found a place to live.

Once I actually had all our stuff in my new home I realized that with money being so tight, perhaps I should sell my wedding and engagement rings. Those beautiful and delicate objects have been stuffed away in a drawer far from sight and mind. I couldn’t bear to look at them anymore. I put the thought away though, realizing I wasn’t ready yet to say goodbye to my rings and figured once I become desperate, I would make the plunge.

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Taking the Plunge,



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