Why You Are Indeed a Superhero the First Time You Go Out Alone With Your New Baby

Did you, new mom of one, just exit the building with your — gasp — baby? Did you, mom of plus two, venture out into the world with your big kids and your newborn? EEK!

You, mother of a new baby, are venturing out into public without your partner by your side. Nope, it’s just you and the kiddo . . . or kiddos, hoping and praying that none of you has a breakdown, especially you. Oh, sure, we moms say we don’t want the baby to cry, but really, it’s more of a crime if we cry in public than if the baby does. People understand a tiny newborn’s need to wail but not an adult capable of pulling her stuff together. So when you, mom, leave the house with that infant seat carrier, wearing your newborn baby, or pushing that sweet thing in a stroller, you are, indeed, a superhero!

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How to Help Your Kids Adjust to a Move

My daughter and I just moved out of our old home and into a new place because we were losing our home. We got notice rather suddenly and had only a certain amount of days to leave our house and find a new one. This made our move emotional and fast-paced, but once we moved in, things slowed down and we both had time to finally digest the experience and realities of life, as it were. Whether it’s a bigger home down the road or a continent away, a move is an adjustment for the whole family. Try these tips to help your kids have a smooth transition!

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9 Reasons Sister Fights Are The WORST Fights Of All

Hell hath no fury like a sister scorned.
Growing up with three sisters, I can guarantee there is no fight worse than one with a sister — not with your husband, wife, ex-wife, ex-husband, mother, child, father, neighbor, co-worker, boss, or friend.

Sure, a fight with your child might hurt, but he or she will come around. You’re one of their parents for god sakes. A fight with your boss? Ouch. Risky, but it’s business, not personal.

The fact is, there is no fight more emotional than one with your sister, and here’s 9 reasons why.

1. Just like an elephant, she never forgets.

Right off the bat, women fight a bit dirtier. Yes, men can be harsh, mean, and downright cruel, but a woman? Well, we’ll stab you right in the jugular and smile.

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Don’t You Give Your Sister That Smirk,


A Bullet Point Checklist for Anyone Who Is Grieving After a Divorce

Grieving a divorce isn’t exactly fun. People want you to hurry up and get over it already! That or they’re married and don’t understand that it isn’t a breakup — it is a death when you lose your spouse. Your family, your dreams, your effort, your money — you name it, you have lost it all. If only there was a proper burial to get through it and start to move on. Well, there isn’t, but I did make this nifty little checklist in hopes to help other people grieving a divorce.


From the Trenches of Grief

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Why You Deserve to Go Back to School

You’ve had kids and either your career is stalling or you’re a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have a career to return to (or one you want to go back to!), so you think to yourself, “Why don’t I go back to school and finally get a degree, finish my degree, or further my education?”

Everyone thinks it’s a fantastic idea: your in-laws, your partner, and your friends.

Besides you.

There’s this tiny little voice inside your head that says a little too loudly: “You don’t deserve to go back,” or “You’ll fail.” A part of you even believes that you’re being selfish and a bad mother for wanting to do something for yourself. That’s because “mother culture” says we’re supposed to put the kids first always, and that doing something for oneself means we’re selfish, self-absorbed moms who don’t really care about their kids. This, my friends, is a whole load of BS. There are a million reasons going back to school IS a kick-butt idea! And if you doubt it or perhaps your partner doubts it, let me convince you both.

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Teacher, Teacher– Can You Teach Me?

Laura Lifshitz

Will the World End If You Hold Your Kid Back in Kindergarten? No!

It seems so crucial, going to kindergarten, that many parents often push their little ones into the classroom, ignoring the fact that their child may not be ready. I mean, waiting one more year to put Johnny into kindergarten can feel like the single most crucial choice a parent might make. It may seem like a worrisome choice, but as a former teacher and as a child whose mom waited to send her to kindergarten, I can assure you that waiting to send your little one into kindergarten will not damage your “baby” for life.

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Staying Silent: Reasons Your Formerly Chatty Kid Has Gone Silent

Your kid is a chatterbug — a verbose little bundle of energy — but suddenly, Junior isn’t speaking up so much. Or perhaps, your little princess is still chatty but only on her terms. Even if your child isn’t a “Chatty Carl or Cathy” but he or she has out of nowhere turned down the volume on the verbal frequency, something is up. Why is your kid staying mum? Well, there are no guaranteed answers here, but read on to see if any of these situations could apply to your little one, and what you can do to get your kiddo talking again.

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