Enough With the Goo-Goo-Gaa-Gaa: Reasons to Stop Baby Talk

We all have cute little pet names or voices we might do only for our children, and in fact, I love to change my voice to be silly more than your average mommy. However, not once did I speak to my daughter in baby talk. There’s no shame in a little sweet talk with your little one, but from the start, I spoke to my baby girl (now 4) as a regular person.

One day at the park when my daughter was 2, a woman stopped me to say, “Wow, you really talk to her like she’s an actual person and she speaks very well. Have you always spoken to her this way?”

I said yes and told her the things I did to help my daughter’s blossoming speech production. She said that she had spoken to her first son in “too much baby talk” and was planning on doing something different for her newly born son who she was wearing on her chest.
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8 Ways to Be Your Therapist’s Favorite Patient

So you’re in therapy and secretly or not-so secretly, you have taken your therapist on as a second mom or dad. Your therapist’s advice is peppered throughout your conversations with friends like,
“Well my therapist said this…” or “Well my therapist really feels…” or “I asked my therapist about that and he/she…”

Suddenly, you and your therapist are one. Well, you’re just slightly obsessed with his or her advice and kind of use this person as your mental life jacket, but the most important thing in all of this is:

Does your therapist like you? Does he/she like you more than the other patients?

No one likes to be number 2!

Here are 8 ways to be your therapist’s favorite patient. That’s right, number 1 baby!

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Why We Need to Be Better at Supporting Single Dads

It’s not easy to be a single mom, and as mothers we know this whether we are one . . . or not. It’s common for women to support other single moms and to appreciate how that can be a tough journey as a mom and person, but it’s rare that people offer sympathy for single dads. Every Father’s Day, there are people on my social media feed as well as major corporations acknowledging the women who are pulling both mom and dad duties, which is heartfelt and amazing.

But what about single dads?

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What to Say When People Tell You to Stop Nursing Your Kid

There you are nursing your infant, baby, or toddler when someone says to you, “When are you going to stop nursing him already?” They act as if you’re not providing a source of food and comfort to your child, but instead, letting him run around destroying people’s private property or yelling obscenities at the top of his voice. The tone is always the same: disgust, condescension, or irritation, as if you’ve personally disturbed this person’s peace and quiet with your nursing.

You’ll never totally change this person’s mind, who either A) doesn’t understand the benefit of nursing, or B) has taken a totally inappropriate but sexual view of nursing, not uncommon in prudish America, where you can shove your “ta-tas” in a bare-all shirt but not nurse your kid in public without comment. However, you can speak your mind about the choice you have made with your child to nurse your baby. But before you say a peep to this protester, remember that, no matter what, it’s your baby, and you and his or her other parent call the shots on how you feed your child. In other words, it’s no one’s business.
Still, it can’t hurt to have a few comments in your parenting arsenal.

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The Nursing Days Were Great,


Why I’m Tired of the Old-School Argument That Spanking Made a Better Generation

Many people from my generation were spanked, yet now as parents, very few of us spank. I personally never have and never would spank my child, but I know that some people feel otherwise. I do, however, get mad when I see meme after Internet meme with claims like “I knew respect because I was spanked!” or “Kids were better for being spanked in my day!” Over and over again, countless people “like” and share posts that suggest how getting spanked or hit made them better children/adults later on in life, or at the very least, getting spanked didn’t change them for the worse.

Indeed, I’m sure that these folks who were spanked are good people and survived the spankings just fine. I’m sure they’re tax-paying and law-abiding citizens who contribute to our society. I don’t doubt that. That’s not my issue with the statements.

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7 Things That Stopped Me From Moving On After My Divorce

Since I separated from my ex-husband fifteen months ago, I have begun the somewhat complicated process of moving on with my life. In so many ways, it’s obvious that I have moved forward yet within this time frame there were also so many little and not-so-little things that prevented me from truly moving forward to become “Laura” again after the heartache and dissolution of my marriage.

#1-Finalizing the Divorce

Finalizing the divorce has taken way longer than it should have, not because we were fighting but due to a variety of circumstances like me finding a job, picking a new mediator after it not working out with another, and delaying the divorce paperwork over holidays.

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12 Things Only People With Anxiety Can Teach You About Life

Your anxious friends can teach you a LOT.
Dealing with anxiety can make life difficult. I sometimes feel as if my anxiety takes over the control center in my brain and puts me in the backseat.

I may not even realize it, but anxiety can fuel a response, reaction, or behavior. It’s not until a few seconds, minutes, or hours later that I realize: anxiety got me. Again.

For example, I was worried about a potential health issue and the worrying took on such a life of its own that I actually started to make my stomach sick and head ache. Once I realized this was happening, I did my best to breathe deep and tell myself to relax.
Except, I had to continually do this to keep myself calm because sometimes, managing anxiety is a job.

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Obsessively Worrying,


4 Ways Grandparents Unintentionally Sabotage Parents

Grandparents are a true blessing but sometimes, whether they mean to or not, they can cause a little trouble for us mommies (and dads too). That’s the gift of being a grandparent: you can make mistakes and no one holds you accountable for the most part, plus you get to hand the kids back. Here are a few ways that our most loved and sometimes most contentious grandparents can sabotage the hard work of parents everywhere, and how to handle the grandparent debacle!

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Doughnuts Before Dinner? No Thanks!


Stop Thinking of Yourself as a Bride, and Start Thinking of Yourself as a Wife

It’s very easy to get caught up in the magic of a wedding. Very easy to get caught up in the fantasy that getting married will make your life complete, finally. It’s very easy to compare yourself to your married friends and think, “Single life sucks. Why can’t I find someone?”

Except for that’s not reality. That’s just you envisioning yourself as a bride, and not a wife.

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It Takes Work to be a Good Wife,


5 Things You Miss About Married Life as a Divorced Mom

If married life were oh so peachy, you wouldn’t be getting a divorce or wouldn’t have gotten a divorce, but still . . . there are things you miss about married life after it is all over between you and your ex.

The Family Invite

As a single mom, I don’t get asked to go to as many things as I used to when I was with my ex-husband. Perhaps it’s because the husbands of my mom friends want another man around on a group excursion. Perhaps it’s because my friends or acquaintances may feel that I — as a single woman and mom — might feel left out. Either way, there are certain invites that don’t happen as frequently now that I am a party of two (me and my kiddo) and not a party of three.
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