Is It Brave or Insane to Choose to Divorce?

This is the thought that goes through my head sometimes, fifteen months after separating from my ex-husband (our divorce is still not official).

“Am I brave for moving forward with him, with the divorce? Or am I insane?”

Originally when we separated, a year or more seemed so far away. I thought for sure I would feel better — for good. I didn’t predict how tough it would be. I didn’t predict how sharing our child would still, fifteen months later, suck. Yes, suck. Splitting our daughter’s time in half has been tremendously difficult. When she is gone, it’s like I’m in the black & white scenes from the “Wizard of Oz”: twisters, an evil neighbor, and the dreariness of a flat Kansas plain about to erupt in a storm. All the color goes out of my life to some extent, and the house is eerily quiet.

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Insanely Brave,


8 thoughts on “Is It Brave or Insane to Choose to Divorce?

  1. Trish says:

    I promise you, it will get easier. I was the one who wanted the divorce and it was still so much harder than I ever imagined. Not having my kids around was horrific but, now they are with me all the time. Just hang in there. You are going to be OK!

  2. Laura Harvey says:

    I believe it is brave to want more from life and from love. And braver still to leave the comfort and safety of a relationship, even one that is unfulfilling. I left my marriage of 25 years only 28 days ago. And some days I don’t want to get out of bed and I’m scared I will be alone for the rest of my life, and I have no idea who I am anymore. But I know I will keep moving forward as you have. I am encouraged by what you’ve accomplished in 15 months! I appreciate you sharing your experience. 🙂 It helps.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never written a comment to an article before but wanted to say THANK YOU. Literally every word you wrote rang truer than anything else I’ve read in my 25 months post-separation. I’m going to put your article in my pocket and pull it out when I need it. Thank you for writing what I feel and have never voiced.

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