How to Support the Mom Who’s Having a Baby No One Approves Of

Yay! She’s having a baby!

Or wait . . . maybe that’s not always a “yay” when you hear someone is pregnant.

A dangerous pregnancy with complications to the mother’s health, or a mom who is very ill and pregnant. A teenage mother. An unwed mother. A divorced mom who has left her partner. A mom with financial issues. The other woman. A baby born into an abusive marriage.

These are just a few scenarios in which, sometimes, people don’t bust out the baby shower invites and diaper cakes.

No matter how you feel though — even if the situation is dire — the baby is being born whether you and your loved ones like it or not. Most often, people refuse to support these pregnant women. Most often, people shake their heads and sigh with sadness. And indeed, in a lot of these situations, there is sadness and possibly danger. There are things to be worried about. No one would doubt or question it, but no matter what, that baby will be born in just a brief nine months, and this baby may be a part of your life. What do you do?

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Supporting the Ladies as Best as I Can,


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