Why It’s Time to Stop Pushing Our Kids to Be “Gifted”

“Is that computer game educational?”

“I need to get my kid started on all his letter sounds now!”

“I really think my kid is special. He’s so smart!”

You’ve probably said these things in some form or another in regard to your child. What mom doesn’t want her kid to be bright and ahead of the game, especially in our digital world? However, we’ve become a bit too obsessed with pushing our kids as well as “discovering” if our kids are gifted or not.

It’s not enough to be smart. It’s not enough to just do the average load of work. Parents today want their kids to be nothing less than brilliant, and marketers, day cares, and the toy industry have capitalized on this. How many tutoring or day care centers throw around the words “genius,” “Ivy League,” and “brainiacs,” etc.? How many toys drop those terms? It’s so imperative to us that our kids be brilliant that we have forgotten the many other wonderful things kids and people bring to the table, besides being brilliant, and especially when they’re not “gifted.”

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A Society of Kids Under Pressure,


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