5 Things You Miss About Married Life as a Divorced Mom

If married life were oh so peachy, you wouldn’t be getting a divorce or wouldn’t have gotten a divorce, but still . . . there are things you miss about married life after it is all over between you and your ex.

The Family Invite

As a single mom, I don’t get asked to go to as many things as I used to when I was with my ex-husband. Perhaps it’s because the husbands of my mom friends want another man around on a group excursion. Perhaps it’s because my friends or acquaintances may feel that I — as a single woman and mom — might feel left out. Either way, there are certain invites that don’t happen as frequently now that I am a party of two (me and my kiddo) and not a party of three.
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It’s Lonely,


10 thoughts on “5 Things You Miss About Married Life as a Divorced Mom

  1. leeannimal403 says:

    You’re slowly rebuilding your tribe. Now that life has changed in such a drastic way, you’ll find that you will encounter more like minded people. It takes a boatload of time, but it happens. Then you’ll get tired of all the invites because you’re wanting a night to sit home in your jammies sipping wine and binging on Netflix, but your dance card will be full 😉

    • frommtvtomommy says:

      Thanks for reading & commenting!
      I definitely have good married friends and single ones…but yes, it’s taking awhile to rebuild this new social life that I have when I am not with my child….It’s been 15 months…I guess it takes time!

      • leeannimal403 says:

        It seemed to take me forever. But I noticed after awhile that the new people in my life held such tremendous meaning to me. I mean, they were made when I was me, just me, without the addition of a husband. They were interested in knowing me and my kids in a very new, special way than I was used to. And it is a beautiful thing.

      • frommtvtomommy says:

        I def don’t want to discredit my friends who have gotten me through & been here for me and my girl…it’s been great…it’s just hard navigating holidays & weekend without her…great part is this past 4th of july I had a blast with my friend & her son…and I am slowly making some single/divorced friends…but yes taking forever!

      • leeannimal403 says:

        Oh, no! Never discredit those friends at all ever! They’re the ones who see us through the initial darkness we find ourselves in! They’re amazing and know all about the before and after us which is truly special. Just remember that those new ones seem to heal parts of us that we didn’t even realize were sore, bruised, or damaged. Like, we begin making our new future and find out we are filling it with people that see US, our single selves, and the damage that is left from before, and it makes things seem a little better that they don’t run from that.

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