7 Things That Stopped Me From Moving On After My Divorce

In divorce, divorce advice, single dad, single mom, single parent life on July 23, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Since I separated from my ex-husband fifteen months ago, I have begun the somewhat complicated process of moving on with my life. In so many ways, it’s obvious that I have moved forward yet within this time frame there were also so many little and not-so-little things that prevented me from truly moving forward to become “Laura” again after the heartache and dissolution of my marriage.

#1-Finalizing the Divorce

Finalizing the divorce has taken way longer than it should have, not because we were fighting but due to a variety of circumstances like me finding a job, picking a new mediator after it not working out with another, and delaying the divorce paperwork over holidays.

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Moving On Up To the Deluxe Apartment…


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