What to Say When People Tell You to Stop Nursing Your Kid

There you are nursing your infant, baby, or toddler when someone says to you, “When are you going to stop nursing him already?” They act as if you’re not providing a source of food and comfort to your child, but instead, letting him run around destroying people’s private property or yelling obscenities at the top of his voice. The tone is always the same: disgust, condescension, or irritation, as if you’ve personally disturbed this person’s peace and quiet with your nursing.

You’ll never totally change this person’s mind, who either A) doesn’t understand the benefit of nursing, or B) has taken a totally inappropriate but sexual view of nursing, not uncommon in prudish America, where you can shove your “ta-tas” in a bare-all shirt but not nurse your kid in public without comment. However, you can speak your mind about the choice you have made with your child to nurse your baby. But before you say a peep to this protester, remember that, no matter what, it’s your baby, and you and his or her other parent call the shots on how you feed your child. In other words, it’s no one’s business.
Still, it can’t hurt to have a few comments in your parenting arsenal.

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The Nursing Days Were Great,


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