Going To A Wedding As A Divorcée Was A Lot Less Romantic

It was the first wedding I attended since my ex-husband and I decided to separate. I hadn’t been to a wedding alone since eight years ago (before we met) and I’d just started to properly grieve the end of my marriage.

How could this wedding possibly be fun? I felt bad because it was a celebration of love for one of my dearest and most loved friends. I was so happy for her, a single mom who found her right fit, her happy ending.

Yet I was so scared to go. What if I cried and not in the “Oh, here’s a few tears. Isn’t this so romantic?” type of way. What if the joyous occasion was clouded in my mind by the fact that my marriage failed, despite standing in front of my loved ones and pledging to be there through good times and bad?

You should always be happy for your friends, but sometimes it’s impossible to not be sad for yourself.

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Stronger Than I Thought,


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