Ladies: It’s Not A “Hoo-Ha” Or A “Vajayjay”—​ It’s Called A VAGINA

In motherhood, sex, women's issues on August 20, 2015 at 2:10 pm

You’re not a child. Embrace the correct anatomical term!
I cringe inside every time I hear a grown adult call a vagina a “hoo-ha” or some other cockamamie made up name. It’s like people give it some cartoon baby-talk quality, or instead, some cloaked name shaming the female body.

It’s a vagina people. A vagina. A V-A-G-I-N-A!

What’s so scary and damning about our own vaginas that even members of my own sex, the female race, can’t say the word with pride or without looking like they just swallowed an elephant or are about to puke?

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Proud of my Vagina,


  1. Well… ye-e-s-s, but surely “vagina” is itself a kind of prim and prudish use of medical jargon to avoid a word, deeply …erm rooted in the origins of our language, the blunt and earthy ‘cunt’.

    • Yes but most people can’t even wrap their heads around Cunt, so I figured let’s go with the medically accepted as well as adult sounding word rather than hoo-ha….

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