Do You “Parent” Your Partner?

We all know you’re mom of the year with your kids, but are you perhaps extending that “mothering” to your partner? There’s nothing unsexier than having to treat a partner like a kid or being treated like one. Yet it’s not an uncommon scenario between two married people with kids for one partner to sometimes feel as if he or she has to keep track of the other or refer to the partner as the other kid. Of course, it’s a problem no matter how common this situation is. Here are a few signs you’re treating your partner like the third, fourth, or fifth child.


Nagging. Ah, the stereotypical nagging wife. There’s some truth to this stereotype at times, and if you are constantly reminding your partner of what to do day in and day out, you’re basically reducing this person to kid status. Sure, it’s annoying for you that Dad forgot to bring home the milk or give the kids their allergy medicines, but refusing to let your partner “lose” on his own and instead constantly telling him what he’s supposed to do not only makes your partner feel like a child, but it also continues to put the bulk of responsibilities onto you.

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