Yes, Divorce Is a Failed Marriage and That’s Okay!

In divorce, divorce advice, marriage, relationships on September 9, 2015 at 2:39 pm

There’s a lot of dialogue about whether or not a divorce is a failure or not. People get very defensive stating that “My divorce is not a failure because I have great kids from it,” or “My divorce is not a failure because I learned to love,” etc.

I as an almost officially-divorced woman, I understand the reasoning behind those statements. I too am a mother and am glad I was married if not only for the life lessons, but also for the chance to love and my gorgeous daughter. However, people have gotten too defensive and have forgotten the wonderful opportunity behind failure.

Failing means you tried to achieve something. Failure means you gave it all you got. Failure means you took a chance.

Take a step back and rid yourself of all the negative connotations in that word “failure” and let’s consider how truly beneficial failing is for you and your life.

Think about something you’re great at — whether it’s a hobby, passion or a job.

Did you start out rocking it? Or did you make a few stumbles and hit a few rough patches before reaching stride?

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A Big Fat “F”,


  1. Many people fear failure, but as you now understand, you are now wiser, stronger and a better person.

  2. Agreed…failure doesn’t need to always have a negative connotation.

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