Do You Spoil Your Kids?

It’s hard to not love your kid and want to be good to him or her or them (if you’ve got more than one), but sometimes it’s easier to spoil our kids than we realize. When you’re the one doing the parenting, it’s hard to look outside of yourself and analyze your actions from time to time. Have you had people or family members say your kid is a brat? Do you think your kid is a brat? Sometimes? Every child is bratty on occasion, but if you spoil a child too much, you end up with a Veruca straight out of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and we all know what happened to her! Before your kid gets drowned in a sea of chocolate or falls into a garbage chute, decide if your child is too spoiled, and then what happens next? As a former teacher, it was easy to see which kids were doted on at home and facing a cold, harsh reality in real life, but it was hard to change anything without the parents’ help. Don’t be immune to admitting you’ve gone wrong with the spoiling. The later you start to change, the harder it is to see results with your child, but it’s better late than never!

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It’s Never Too Late to Change,


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