Hey, Ladies! 6 Ways To Shamelessly Say “No” Like A Man

In women's issues on September 23, 2015 at 1:47 pm

Ever since the caveman days, men have been saying “no” with ease. But women? It’s almost as if we’re allergic to saying the word “no.” It doesn’t matter how logical our reason is for saying no, we still somehow feel bad when we have to let someone down for any reason.

Somehow, we believe that the world’s fate and our friend, lover, neighbor, associate, family member’s happiness rests on our shoulders when it’s not true.

I find myself to be an assertive person, but I still find myself fumbling to say no more often than not — or worse, giving some wordy explanation or multiple explanations as to why I’ve said no.

I can’t simply say “no” without feeling badly and I know there are a million other women like me, so I’ve decided to take back my right to say no by taking lessons from men, and so should you, ladies. We’re not here to please everyone!

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Just Say No,


  1. You go girl …I always feel guilty if I say no. I’m divorced .now happy in my new life but still find it hard to say no sometimes. Love your blogs ..sometimes agree sometimes don’t ..but always love reading ..thanks elisha

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