Are You Making Dad the Bad Guy?

Every time there’s discipline to be given out, you call on Dad to break out the tough act. As much as you know your child is making a bad choice, you can’t seem to command respect from your child or pull the trigger when it comes to discipline, so there’s your partner, the dad, putting on the tough-guy act.

If you see yourself in the above paragraph, you might be making Dad the bad guy all the time, and that’s not good. While many of us were more intimidated by the idea of an angry father than an angry mother growing up, when we make Dad the “bad guy” all the time, it’s not much fun for Dad, not to mention our children will not grow to have a decent, healthy respect for us. Not that fear equals respect, because it doesn’t, but if we are the ones to give out consequences and show that we are comfortable doing so, our kids will respect us and what we are asking.

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