Why Divorced and Single Moms Should NOT Be Ashamed of Their Status

I know most divorced moms and single parents are not ashamed of being a single parent or divorced, and they (we) shouldn’t be!

But there were times especially when my ex and I first separated, that I felt awkward, sad, or embarrassed telling people that I just met or barely knew that I was getting a divorce.

Most of the times, people said “I’m sorry to hear that” or “That’s too bad. I hope things are amicable between the two of you.”

It was easy-peasy, and my feelings of embarrassment or sadness were simply my own “junk” and emotions getting projected onto the conversation.

Sometimes though, people would say, especially if the two people vaguely knew both my ex and myself, “Why can’t you two work out? Try again? Why not?” or “Are you sure that’s the best idea?”

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Why Moms Should Be Mindful of the Money in Marriage

While many women do manage the household bills, more often than not, people envision men as the money managers and makers. But with more women in the workforce — the US Department of Labor says 70 percent of women with children under 18 “participate in the labor force as opposed to 47.4 percent back in 1975” — those financial myths are just that — myths. An even bigger change? The Department of Labor says 40 percent of women are the sole income makers or breadwinners for their families now, as opposed to 11 percent back in the ’60s. Women must understand how money works, even if they’re stay-at-home mothers. To sit back and hope that your husband will manage the money and trust him blindly is not a smart move. Chances are your husband or partner is an honehttps://wordpress.com/post/st person, but even the best of people can make poor money choices, whether intentionally or not.

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5 Signs You’re Trying WAY Too Hard To Make A Bad Marriage Work

If you’re constantly battling it out, it’s not love — it’s war.
After being married for about six years and now almost officially divorced, there’s one thing I can guarantee any married person: Marriage should take effort, but it’s not hard labor 24/7.

It doesn’t matter how crazy in love you are with the person; if you’re constantly engaged in a series of ups and downs that require hard management and constant work simply to keep the fort afloat, you need to ask yourself: Is this marriage worth my time and energies? Here are some signs it isn’t:

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7 Things Your Jewish Mother Thinks About Your Girlfriend (And Will Tell You)

Moms of all kinds are known for telling things as they are, but Jewish moms will give you lip with no holds-barred, 24/7, especially when it comes down to her beloved Jewish son(s). Most mothers probably think no one is good enough for their sons, but giving up an adored Jewish boy for another woman? That’s downright painful for your Jewish mother! Here are some things your Jewish mother thinks about your girlfriend that she’s either telling you, or not telling you. For your sake, I hope that sometimes she keeps quiet… but I won’t hold my breath.

Not Jewish?
If your girlfriend isn’t Jewish, but just loves Jewish men, chances are your mom has stated loud and clear that she doesn’t like it! She might ask you if your woman plans to convert ten times a day, or perhaps she doesn’t really care and accepts your girlfriend. Either way, no matter where she falls on the spectrum, a small part of her might wish your lady were Jewish.

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3 Things Stay-at-Home Moms DON’T Want to Hear

Back when I was a stay-at home mom (before my working-mom days) there were quite a few people who would throw these seemingly “innocent little” phrases out at me or at other mothers that were insulting to the core. Whether a woman is a stay-at-home mom by choice, because day care is too expensive, or both — or heck any other reason, doesn’t mean she’s home living it up and eating bon-bons. OK? Thanks!

I Wish I Could Stay Home All Day

I see a LOT of moms do this now in moms’ groups and private boards. As a working parent I understand missing being home, seeing my kid more and the struggle of working-mom life, but comments like the one above is all-out nasty. It makes it sound as if a mother is staying home doing nothing.

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6 Online Dating No-Nos For Single Moms

You’re online looking for love or dates, whether it’s through an app or a site or both, and you’re finally getting out there. Good for you, Single Mom! But wait . . . before you get too eager, watch out for some of these absolute no-nos when online dating after divorce, whether it’s a mistake on your profile or the wrong attitude predate. Putting your best foot forward and approaching online dating with the right attitude makes finding that second love easier and better!

Put the Past Away

While I myself am online looking for a great man for me, I have checked out both men’s and women’s profiles simply for research I have done for articles on online dating — like this one. One of the biggest no-nos I see time and again is reference to the past.

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Reality Check: Does Your Teen Dress Too Sexy?

Do people think your teen looks older than she is? Are older men constantly checking her out? Does she wear clothing items that you could wear, or would look more appropriate on you? Are you faced with her cleavage or butt all day? Does she wear a full face of makeup daily?

If you answered “yes,” your teen may be dressing too sexy.

Before we dive in, though, let’s acknowledge two important points:

Men (Boys) SHOULD control their stares
No matter how a teen girl dresses (or adult female, for that matter!), a man can and should control his stares and leers. He is not an animal; he’s a human. People that say a teen or woman “made” the man leer or make lewd comments are forgetting the fact that men are humans, not beasts. We as humans have complex thinking and are capable of biting our tongues or veering our eyes downward. Saying a teen or woman “made” someone act inappropriately is in my opinion, almost akin to that old wrong argument in reference to rape and date rape: “She made him do it.”
A tight skirt or revealing clothing does not force any man/boy to act inappropriately. A man is in charge of his choices!

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The 3 Game Changers That Made Me Happy After Divorce

I meet a lot of martyrs.

“My life is the worst.”
“My ex is the worst.”

Out in the world of divorced men and women and almost divorced men and women, there are a lot of Debbie and Davvy Downers.

I’m not saying that going through a divorce has made me happy 24/7, but that there were three things, three game changers that I did in order to be happy after divorce.

Someone please tell me: Did you go through the heartaches of divorce only to be unhappy once again? Because I thought the point of getting a divorce was to change your life for the better.
I am not denying the devastations of divorce. Financially, it has been hard.

For my child, it has been hard. There were intense moments of grief. With the holidays coming up, I am sure there will be hard moments for myself and my child.

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3 Ways to Introduce Your New Partner to Your Kids

You’re a single mom who just met someone special and are certain it’s the right time to introduce him to your kids. Pretty exciting but also a little nerve-racking. How will your kids respond to this new person in their single mom’s life? Well, that I am not certain of, but there are many great ways to introduce your new best mate to your kids that will help make the transition for your kids and your new partner easier.

Park Play Date Instead of Ice Cream

The whole “let’s get ice cream and meet mom’s new boyfriend” scenario is staid. It’s awkward to be forced to sit and eat with someone you barely know, and older kids know that the ice cream part of the equation is a bit like bribery.

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Do it the Right Way!