Stuff Jewish Dads Say: The Hypochondriac Version

Jewish dads are known to impart their wisdom frequently. The world wouldn’t be a better place without your Jewish dad reminding you ad nausem about well, mostly everything. And if your Jewish dad only tells you something once, check his forehead because most likely he’s actually sick, and not sick from worry or his own hypochondriasis, but literally physically ill!

“It’s a Tumor”
You think you have an innocent little mole or freckle on your arm, leg, or other body part but your Jewish dad knows better. He knows it’s a tumor and most likely cancerous, so you better see the doctor today. Pronto!

You’re an adult and don’t have to live with him to hear these things anymore? No problem! He will call, text, and email to ask when you are seeing the doctor again. If he’s a real “pro” he may even WebMD stuff and email it right to you. You go to the damn doctor simply so he will stop bothering you until the next “concern” comes up again.

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It’s Not a Tumor,


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