Reality Check: Does Your Teen Dress Too Sexy?

Do people think your teen looks older than she is? Are older men constantly checking her out? Does she wear clothing items that you could wear, or would look more appropriate on you? Are you faced with her cleavage or butt all day? Does she wear a full face of makeup daily?

If you answered “yes,” your teen may be dressing too sexy.

Before we dive in, though, let’s acknowledge two important points:

Men (Boys) SHOULD control their stares
No matter how a teen girl dresses (or adult female, for that matter!), a man can and should control his stares and leers. He is not an animal; he’s a human. People that say a teen or woman “made” the man leer or make lewd comments are forgetting the fact that men are humans, not beasts. We as humans have complex thinking and are capable of biting our tongues or veering our eyes downward. Saying a teen or woman “made” someone act inappropriately is in my opinion, almost akin to that old wrong argument in reference to rape and date rape: “She made him do it.”
A tight skirt or revealing clothing does not force any man/boy to act inappropriately. A man is in charge of his choices!

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Help Empower Your Girl,


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