Why Moms Should Be Mindful of the Money in Marriage

While many women do manage the household bills, more often than not, people envision men as the money managers and makers. But with more women in the workforce — the US Department of Labor says 70 percent of women with children under 18 “participate in the labor force as opposed to 47.4 percent back in 1975” — those financial myths are just that — myths. An even bigger change? The Department of Labor says 40 percent of women are the sole income makers or breadwinners for their families now, as opposed to 11 percent back in the ’60s. Women must understand how money works, even if they’re stay-at-home mothers. To sit back and hope that your husband will manage the money and trust him blindly is not a smart move. Chances are your husband or partner is an honehttps://wordpress.com/post/st person, but even the best of people can make poor money choices, whether intentionally or not.

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Be Aware Ladies (& Gents),


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