After Trick or Treat: How to Spice Up Mom and Dad’s Sex Life

On Halloween, let’s drop the excuses, parents and mothers.

“I’m tired.”

“I was out all day.”

“The kids might hear.”

You’ll be tired until you leave this earth. As a mom, that’s part and parcel of our job. But there is one thing that you should not be too tired to try, and that’s sex with your partner.

Sex is the sole factor that separates your marriage from the other relationships in your life.

Do you sleep with your friends? Your boss? Your neighbor?

Well, I should hope not!

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Invest in Each Other,


Children of Divorce Benefit From Play Therapy

I am not a play therapist nor am I a therapist or social worker.

I’m just your average everyday mother with a beautiful only child– a child of divorce.
My ex-husband (it’s almost official) and I were both raised by two parents that stayed married and are still married. Neither of us could really understand nor will we ever fully understand the position our daughter is in. For me, it was a no-brainer that play therapy could help our child. It took longer to convince him, but he’s a believer now I’d say!

A former teacher, I had seen children go through a lot of nasty divorces and I had promised myself when the two of us decided to divorce that we would never be those parents arguing in the school parking lot and that promise has been upheld.

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Believe It,


5 Tactics to Squash a Bully

October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, so I’ve picked the perfect time to discuss how to squash a bully in his or her tracks! I remember a particular girl who told the school I stuffed my bra. My chronic back pain would indicate that her rumors were viciously untrue, but as kids can be cruel, it spread like wildfire. I also remember being intimidated, slandered, and harassed by a senior in high school who was 10 times my size my freshman year of high school. It felt like torture, and it was. As a kid, I couldn’t see beyond the experience. I could acknowledge that they were crazy or jealous, but other than that I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Neither can your kids.

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Bullies Be Gone!


5 Things to Say (or Do) When People Ask If You’re Having Another Baby

There is nothing more irritating than being asked ad nauseam by family or friends if you’re going to have another baby. It’s even more intrusive when asked by a stranger, but still, when people push and prod about your body having another baby whether you know the person or not when you a) don’t want to have another one; b) can’t have another one; c) can’t afford to have another one but you would like to; or d) just lost a pregnancy, it can be so upsetting. Most people don’t mean any harm in asking about your reproductive plans, although some family members can be notably pushy on the topic. Before you pull your hair out of your head strand by strand, try these not-so-subtle phrases or tactics to squash the baby questions.

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Don’t Ask,


8 Signs Your Teen Is Hanging With the Bad Crowd

We’ve all been teenagers and can understand the desire to try new and exciting or taboo things. It’s part of growing up, and no kid is perfect, however, sometimes kids fall in line with the wrong crowd and the choices they end up making with these kids can affect them long after they’re 16.

As parents, all we can do is guide our children in the right way and help support them to make good choices. Ultimately, when they step out of the door, we can only hope our seeds have been planted right, but with proper parenting, you can spot a teen who’s hanging with the bad apples and try to turn things around for your teenager before it’s too late.

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Been There, Done That– A Woman Who Escaped The Bad Crowd,


7 Signs The Person You Love Is A Highly Sensitive Over-Thinker

Have you fallen in love with someone who seems to question and ponder everything a billion times, backwards and forwards? Does your current flame seem engrossed in thought more often than not?

You may be in love with an over-thinker. Before trying to figure out this complex creature, let me guide you in the ways of the over-thinking mind.

1. They have multiple back-up plans.

Your over-thinker has an analytical mind, for better or for worse. Expect your over-thinking lover to make a plan A, B, C, ad nauseam for every situation. This can be extremely beneficial when planning a large event or trying to attack a problem, but it can be extremely detrimental if the over-thinker is creating potential plans over a supposed “pending crisis” that may not even exist.

If your love is doing the latter, explain that perhaps he or she is letting that mind go amuck, and to take a deep breathe and think about the situation later. This is when you should try to distract your favorite over-thinker with an enjoyable pleasure. Perhaps a massage or sex? If your partner is really bogged down in thinking, offering the massage is a smart move … unless you want her to be angry with you.

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I Might Have To Think About This,


Stuff Jewish Dads Say: The Hypochondriac Version

Jewish dads are known to impart their wisdom frequently. The world wouldn’t be a better place without your Jewish dad reminding you ad nausem about well, mostly everything. And if your Jewish dad only tells you something once, check his forehead because most likely he’s actually sick, and not sick from worry or his own hypochondriasis, but literally physically ill!

“It’s a Tumor”
You think you have an innocent little mole or freckle on your arm, leg, or other body part but your Jewish dad knows better. He knows it’s a tumor and most likely cancerous, so you better see the doctor today. Pronto!

You’re an adult and don’t have to live with him to hear these things anymore? No problem! He will call, text, and email to ask when you are seeing the doctor again. If he’s a real “pro” he may even WebMD stuff and email it right to you. You go to the damn doctor simply so he will stop bothering you until the next “concern” comes up again.

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It’s Not a Tumor,


Are You Ready to Try Again After a Miscarriage?

A miscarriage is a very common but very sad event in a mom or mom-to-be’s life that can be difficult to grieve. At some point, though, most women who miscarry will consider trying again, but how do you know when you’re ready to go another round and perhaps risk the chance of experiencing miscarriage again?

The Negative Outlook Is Gone

When I miscarried before my daughter, I thought it would happen again and again. I thought the worst. I feared I would be childless for life, and while I had no major health issues involved in my miscarriage (simply a bad luck of the draw I suppose), you may have some fertility or genetic issues to overcome.

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Wishing You Baby Dust,


5 Reasons Hating Your Ex Is Bad For Your Kids

I am very mad at my ex today as I write this. Really mad. Angry as hell even. It took me a long time to get mad at my ex and you know what? To some extent some angry is good in the grieving process of divorce. It helps you let go of those romantic feelings you may have as you two split. It also helps you start to recognize the things that weren’t working in your marriage and it may even get you to focus on you and all of your dreams and goals. It becomes a problem however, when you hate your ex so much that the hatred consumes you and is unrelenting.

It becomes a problem when your kids notice that “Gee, Mommy really hates Daddy now doesn’t she?”

If you really hate your ex I know it’s hard to hold it back, but keep in mind why biting your vicious tongue is a good idea around your kids with these points:

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Do the Right Thing,


How to Date Yourself After Divorce

It would be nice if I met someone to have fun with and enjoy life with. A sexy companion as it were.

That’s where I am at in the whole “dating after divorce” world.

Joy. Fun. Sex. Traveling. Passion. Competition–not against each other, but with each other. Conversation. Commitment– but at an adult level. Two people complementing each other, not completing each other.

I’m not looking for a dad for my daughter. She’s got one thanks. And as far as getting married again? Maybe. I’m not against it.

But what I am against is dating someone in an effort to complete myself. That’s not needed. I’m good as is, on my own.

However, there are a lot of people separating and divorcing who just fly into the next relationship only for it to flop horrifically. I’ve seen it happen time and again, and watched as people said, “Why did this happen?”

My response?

You didn’t date yourself first.

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I’m Dating Someone Sexy: Me,