A Letter To Myself On My Wedding Day — 7 Years Before My Divorce

In divorce, love, marriage, marriage advice, relationships on November 2, 2015 at 8:41 pm

Dear Bride-to-be,

It was the most beautiful day, wasn’t it? A perfect sunny sky and warm weather. And anyone who knows the East Coast knows that a spring day on the East Coast means you have a fifty-fifty chance of either cold showers or bright sunshine. Mother Nature blessed you and blessed your husband-to-be at the time with a gorgeous day and sky.

You had your vows written. Every sweet and sentimental word, every beautiful thought was true. There were no lies said or untruths spoken as you stood in front of an officiant, your friends, your family, and each other.

That bride-to-be saw marriage and married life as full of hope and potential. Somewhat too sunny of a view considering there had been some red flags between you and your husband-to-be before saying “I do,” but not once did you, future Laura and almost divorcée — say, “Don’t do it!”

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Proud of Who I’m Becoming,



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