Why You Should be Thankful You’re Jewish

In case you missed the memo, it’s November, which means, it’s time for Thanksgiving! Time for gratitude, thankfulness, and generally appreciating what we have. In a society in which we are all dying to have “more, more, more,” finding gratitude in everyday life, and truly cherishing what we have as opposed to lamenting what we don’t have, seems to be a challenge and a rarity. So, while you’re sitting around saying how grateful you are for your home, family, job, health, or what may have you, don’t forget to be thankful you’re Jewish!

Yes, that’s right: be thankful you’re Jewish.

Remember, we’re G-d’s chosen people. I mean, that’s pretty darn nifty. Talk about natural selection and statistical odds of being born awesome. You my friends — we — are pretty awesome!

The Beginning — the Foundation

Judaism is the first religion to teach monotheism, or the worship of one sole god. We started a trend amongst major world religions today. Not too shabby, eh?

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Gratitude & Thankfulness is Sexy,


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