How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Without Your Kids After Divorce

Holidays after divorce can be hard because it will most likely be the first time you, as a mother, are away from or not with your children for the holidays. I won’t lie — it is hard and sad, especially the first year, but it doesn’t have to be doom and gloom.

I made the great mistake for a long time, holding on to negative thinking. I have to be honest: it was hard to escape. But after some hard work on myself and time spent thinking through my behaviors and actions, I was able to see that, while life and divorce is not always peaches and cream, how I view my stresses and downfalls has a lot to do with how I rise above them, and this applies to divorce and holidays. Life after divorce can be incredibly life-altering and stressful, but it can also be joyful and happy if you set out to find joy. Effectively coping with divorce at Thanksgiving time will help you not only find lots to be grateful for, but also will help the holiday without your kids be a happier one.

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