When An Amicable Divorce Becomes Not So Amicable

I write with a heavy heart today that as I near the end of the divorce process — complete with an already signed property settlement agreement — things have turned not so amicable anymore.

I was proud for a long time of how amicable things were between my ex and me. I felt like, “Hey we didn’t get it right in marriage but we’re getting right in divorce.”

At least we were, getting it right.

There is a huge grief and loss in knowing that it has become so sad and despondent of a situation.

Is it inevitable that all divorce turns angry, uncomfortable and stressful?

If you asked me a few months ago, I would have told you no but now, I fear for the worst.

It’s not that we are having big parking lot arguments or phone calls to lawyers. Instead there is silence. Messages not returned.

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It Will Get Better Again,


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