Are You Pushing Your Kids Too Much?

Sometimes as parents we need to give our kids a little push to get them going in the right direction, but occasionally we end up pushing too hard. How do we know when enough is enough? How do we know if we are pushing too hard? Here’s a go-to guide to decide whether we are being encouraging or downright pushy:

1. If your kid starts to dread doing an activity, hobby, or sport, you may be pushing him or her too hard to love something that perhaps he or she doesn’t love . . . but you do. Yes, sometimes kids will dread when activities or academics pose too much of a challenge for them, but we do know when our kids are simply afraid or struggling . . . or really disliking an experience. Pay attention to the “dread.” Is your child simply trying to avoid the hard work or not enjoying the process? As parents, we need to encourage them to work through obstacles, but there is a difference between a struggle and simply distaste for something. It’s hard to not want your child to love art, basketball, piano, or what have you as much as you do, but sometimes even if our children show an inkling of interest in what we do, it may not last long once a kid gets a shot at trying something out, and as parents, it can be sad when you see that your kid hates what you love. Most importantly, though, we must remember our kids are individuals, and we have to let them be who they are as they are!


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Know the Difference Between Pushy & Encouraging,


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