Why I Am Thankful For My Divorce

Dear Divorce:
You hurt me.
You make me sad. Hopeless. Feel lonely. Broke.
Wonder why ‘”this is happening to me.”
You screw me up when sometimes, I miss my ex. Or sometimes when he’s nice, I remember all the good times all over again only to realize in a flash, that those times are gone.
You take my child away from me for part of the time.
You make me lose seconds, minutes, hours, and days with my child. Moments that I can never get back. Parts of her childhood gone. Forever.
You make me work too much and too hard.

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Gratitude in the Darkness,


2 thoughts on “Why I Am Thankful For My Divorce

  1. Mari Sanchez Cayuso says:

    Hang in there. I went through exactly the same. In your moments of solitude reflect and try to enjoy (you) for you. I know it’s hard and I am total stranger but we are not so different. Putting a little me time when my children are with their dad still (5 years later) make feel all sorts of things. Guilt is just one of them. Wishing you comfort, Mari

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