5 Eating Habits to Kick to the Curb in 2016

As much as you may be committed to your health and fitness, it’s easy to get a little lazy about eating well, especially around the holidays. Who wants to say no to all the sweets, all the time? Not me! But with the New Year almost here and bathing suit season coming soon, (Memorial Day is only five months away!), perhaps we need to give ourselves a swift kick in the butt and kick these five poor eating habits to curb along with all our other baggage from 2015!

1. No Breakfast

I don’t care if you’re not a breakfast person. Get hungry! Eating small, frequent meals will rev up your metabolism. If you wait until lunch to take your first bite of the day, I bet you any amount of money that you end up eating more than you should. You overeat because your body needed food hours before your brain started sending hunger signals. Once you create the habit of starting your day with a small breakfast, your brain will begin to send more regular signals you need to pull out a fork or spoon in the a.m.

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Why Getting Help For Your Depression Makes You a Good Mother

It’s sad that in the millennium, mental health is still a taboo subject. Thankfully, we do have the internet and access to articles upon articles sharing information on mental health, which is easily accessed and private, but treating mental health issues goes beyond that. When I separated from my ex-husband and started the divorce process, I knew I could really be in for an emotional roller coaster. I didn’t want my anxiety from all of the multiple life changes of divorce to become my daughter’s anxiety, so I decided to talk to someone to help get me through the divorce process. And you know what? It made me a better and happier mom.

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My Parenting Resolution: To Slow Down

Because I overanalyze things, it’s not unusual for me to invest in resolutions. I am always trying to think of a better way to do something, whether it’s work-related, child-related, or what have you. The other day, as my 4-year-old daughter and I were walking into a restaurant to meet my parents for dinner, I stopped to ask her, “Am I walking too fast for you?”

I could see she was struggling to keep up.

“Yes, you’re walking too fast,” she said, probably relieved I asked.
“I’m sorry honey. Remind mommy to slow down if I go too fast.”

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10 Ways to Support a Friend Going Through a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a living nightmare. Even when the divorce process is smooth and amicable between two individuals, it’s still heartbreaking. As a woman whose divorce is almost final, I can truly say that, even though my divorce has been 75 percent amicable and 25 percent not, it has taken a while to adjust to all the many life changes a divorce brings. This is amplified if your friend is like me, divorcing with a child involved. You have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get those Nikes or high heels back on quickly in order to parent effectively with someone who may potentially have completely different views on raising children than you do, or who you never see eye to eye with. It’s challenging, to say the least.

But there is hope.

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5 Things I’m Doing Differently in 2016 After My Divorce

Believe it or not, I might actually have my divorce finalized in 2016! It’s a fairly simple divorce, yet it’s all been the most drawn-out divorce that I know of. We have been separated for 20 months now. It’s time.

The truth is, it took awhile for us to cut the cord and call the final shots. And once the trigger was pulled, it seemed it took forever to get the paperwork in. Either way, the light is nearing the tunnel, and I can safely say that throughout this divorce, I have done a solid job in getting my life together for myself and for my kid. I feel proud of how I have handled this at times, gut-wrenching experience, but there are mistakes I have made along the way that if I were to have to do it again, (EGADS!) I would do a few things differently. Live and learn, and try as I might, I have made my mistakes but overall, I have tried my best to move forward and I will be damned if I make the same mistakes in love again.

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After Divorce: Financial Questions and Issues For Single Moms

If you’re in the process of getting a divorce or simply finalizing the details, you probably have a good idea that your world is about to change — and fast. As a single mom who is either going back to work after a divorce or simply adjusting to being the sole provider, there will be a lot of questions that will come up as you go through the process. Here is a list of things to consider while you’re making a divorce agreement or for you to simply prepare and plan for.

The Marital Home and Place of Residence

Will you stay in the marital home, and is this part of your divorce agreement? Will you two sell the home and divide the profits or perhaps one of you will buy the other out? Deciding what to do with the marital home and getting it in writing is key.

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New Year’s Resolutions For the Mom (or Dad) Wanting a Divorce

Getting a divorce is for the brave only, and sometimes when you need to get that courage, it can be excruciating to reach down within yourself to find the strength you need to make that call. Cutting the cord for good is incredibly painful, but when it is the right choice, eventually that pain turns to gain. The rain turns into a rainbow. If you are making the choice to sever your marriage in 2016, here are some resolutions you need to make as a mother.

Stick to It

I vacillated back and forth on the decision to divorce, and I let my ex come back into my life repeatedly, which only hurt me more.

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3 Myths About Bossy Women

While I’m not a dictator or as bossy as the quintessential boss Lucy from Peanuts, I like being in charge. Hell, let me rephrase that: I LOVE IT! This isn’t to say that I won’t let someone else lead; in fact, I have dealt with more assertive people than myself, both male and female, and let them lead the way because I either was buying what they were selling, so to speak, or could see they were more of a Top Dog than myself, or at the very least listened to what they had to say. But there is a great satisfaction in leading a cause or effort and getting things accomplished for me. There’s nothing like checking off a task accomplished to bring me that warm and fuzzy content feeling.

As of late, I found myself working with a male who by nature and culture is more direct than I am and enjoys leading. We butt heads once and after that, it was easy and a pleasure to work with him. It is nice to find someone who enjoys taking the lead and working with me to finish a job.

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5 Common Lies We Tell Ourselves When Trying to Lose Weight

When trying a diet, as you’re attempting to stick to a program, it’s not unusual to tell yourself little “lies” to either feel better about your choices or to make excuses for why you haven’t fully committed to getting the body you’ve dreamed of. And I’m not talking about becoming a supermodel overnight. But it’s not surprising to hear folks tell themselves little “lies” to compensate for not being where they want to be fitness-wise.

Here are some common “lies” you might get caught up in as you attempt to make a “new you” for 2016, and some tips to stop the BS — so you can start dealing with the truth and rock a more fit you in the New Year.

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