Real Women Have Whatever They Want — Curves or None!

“I am a real woman damn it! And I don’t look like an hourglass!”

In fact, if I didn’t have a chest, I would probably wear clothes strictly from the kids’ department, but does this mean I am a fake woman? Like some human female version of Pinocchio?

The female body has evolved over the years. The Italian Renaissance called for the Rubenesque look, or a full-figured body. The androgynous look of the ’20s. Heroin chic of the ’90s. The big booty of the millennium. What’s considered “ideal” for the female figure changes through the years, but what doesn’t change is the fact that not every woman will always fit in the ideal type! There is no one female body shape that is timeless according to societal standards. So with that said, NONE of us are real women or NONE of us have been considered a “real woman” at some point in our lives. Quite frankly, I am tired of it.

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