Is Your Ex’s New Wife a Mom? If No, Does It Matter to You?

My ex has a new girlfriend and I have never met her. I know extremely little about her other than her occupation, where she lives (out of state very far away!) and who she lives with, and that she’s near my age and not a mom.

Does the last part matter to me? Well, sort of. Is “sort of” an answer? We don’t get to pick who are exes pair off with nor do we have any choice in how our exes introduce our kids to their partners or how they have their new flames interact with our kids (double too bad). This is one of the hardest parts about divorce: our children interacting with total strangers and sometimes staying over at these people’s homes. But it’s something we have to accept and cope with otherwise the possible anger, worry, and fear will consume us alive.

But does it matter to you if your ex’s new love is a mom or no?

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4 thoughts on “Is Your Ex’s New Wife a Mom? If No, Does It Matter to You?

  1. rubimintz says:

    I think it bothers most people if not all. It would definitely bother me. But as you say, it’s something we can’t control and have to accept. As long as they respect our children.

  2. Cari says:

    I think your article is a little out of line. People tend to prejudge without making an effort to get to know a person or their background. If anything it sounds like you’re a little bitter that ur ex has moved on, and really not planning on making it easy for them. I know women ur talking about and they have more maternal instincts than some of their biological mothers! Your daughter would be lucky to have one in her life! She can be an excellent role model that will only have your daughter’s best interest at heart. Keep in mind this is not about you. I suggest you get to know her, and actually make an effort instead of writing false pretenses. Remember you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


    • frommtvtomommy says:

      Thanks for reading. I certainly don’t assume the worst at all. In fact, if you read the whole piece you would see my last comment is I feel everyone wants to do his or her part to get along.
      I am hopeful this person is a nice person but as a mom, I will always have concerns since it’s stranger. Maybe one day if I meet the person, I can feel more settled and sure. When you are a mom, any stranger can be circumspect. I am hopeful though that she is kind! Until then I hope for the best 🙂

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