6 Signs Your Friends Absolutely Cannot STAND Your Boyfriend

In dating, dating advice, friendship, love, relationships on December 15, 2015 at 6:04 pm

You can only wish that your man will be adored by your friends and vice versa, but sometimes that isn’t in the cards. You may find a billion lovable things about yourboyfriend, but your friends may not see him exactly the same way as you do.

Let’s be real: sometimes we as women don’t always pick the good men we deserve, and our friends are dismayed and heartbroken when we choose someone below us. Of course, our friends and our dude simply don’t mix sometimes. Here are six signs your friends can’t stand your boyfriend.

  1. They snub him.

They never, ever want to hang out with the two of you together. But if you’re up for a girls’ night they will come around. But to be in your boyfriend’s presence? Well, they typically make excuses. Perhaps you ought to wonder why they never want to see him.

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Maybe They’re Right About Him?



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