9 Signs You’re An AWESOME Couple

Not all couples are created equal; in fact, some are clingy and annoying. You know, the kind who always wears matching outfits and talks about how much they love each other that they sound like battery-operated dolls? Yeah, those couples.

But every now and then a couple comes along that simply wows the rest of us single people. We know right off the bat that these two are a great match and we can’t help but love them ourselves. Are you and your mate a “f*cking awesome” couple? Here’s how to know for sure.

1. You’re both independent.

The two of you have social lives outside of each other. You’re not a constant “two-for one” situation, which means you’re each confident and secure. It’s wonderful to see this. We women especially cannot stand our female friends who can’t be seen without their better half.

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You Rock,


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