8 Signs You and Your Partner Are Stuck to Each Other Like Glue

Love is a wonderful thing, and being close with your partner is a must if you want a successful relationship, but sometimes a couple is way too close — like conjoined twins close! It’s not cute if your other half literally becomes your other half, unless you were looking to meet a human double of yourself rather than an equal person to enjoy life with! Here are five signs you and your significant other are crazy-glued together in a stage five clinger mess and impossible to tear apart — gulp.

1. “I” Becomes “We”

Your friends don’t invite you to girls’ night because, suddenly, it’s not girls’ night anymore. It’s girls’ night plus your dude, and that sort of takes the “girls'” part out of the fun.

His guy friends don’t even bother asking him to hang out unless they don’t mind hanging out with you. And it’s not that they don’t like you, but that they want their “bro” back and they’re beginning to wonder if he stays home with you doing facials and watching The Bachelorbecause their “bro” is definitely, sniff, long gone!

The two of you are attached at the hip and require a “plus one” everywhere you go. It’s nauseating!

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