How to Deal With Mama Drama

I never had mama drama before — until this Fall.

Now? I’m officially terrified for when my kid starts elementary school next year.

The mom in question was a mother of one of my daughter’s preschool classmates. Our kids were butting heads daily at the beginning of the school year in typical 4-year-old-girl fashion. I was familiar with these little 4-year-old-girl battles, as I had taught preschool and pre-K before. These things happen, and they were common developmental issues that come up for girls and preschool-aged children. I approached her with a smile and friendly demeanor, but she was so agitated, I thought she would burn holes right into my soul with her eyes. She was nasty to me in front of our two kids at a class birthday party (thankfully it was at the end of the party), and I was floored. I had never experienced that before. All I told her was that our cuties were both strong-willed and learning to take turns, play leader, and test each other’s limits of “who’s the top dog,” essentially. That all we could do was work with our littles and let the teachers manage as they had been, but it wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to battle, but I wasn’t about to engage with a volatile opponent who shouldn’t have been “my opponent” to begin with.

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Have Empathy,


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