How to Navigate Your 50/50 Custody Agreement

Long gone are the days in which fathers were merely visitors in their children’s lives — and this is a good thing. Children need both parents, and they need to feel as if they can have healthy and positive relationships with both parents without any guilt or grief. Divorce is hard enough on children. However, there is a growing trend of 50/50 custody, and while it has its drawbacks, it is mostly positive. Even with 50/50 custody, there is a custodial parent (the residence that dictates where the child goes to school), and then the two parents share joint custody, meaning both parents are actively involved in all decisions regarding the child’s welfare.

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It’s Tricky,


2 thoughts on “How to Navigate Your 50/50 Custody Agreement

  1. euphoriciraqisinglemom says:

    There’s the key word “communication”. My soon to be ex wants 50-50. Initially I didn’t mind the idea. Because I too believe that kids need both parents. But then there was a turning point for me. When I enrolled my child who is special needs in an intensive therapy program over the summer, I had made sure to write a precise email to the dad to follow all the directions required from the therapists. He did none of it. Infact he mocked it and did the opposite of everything. That was my breaking point. That’s when I realized that the 50-50 won’t work in our case. My child will never progress. And I have to put my kids best interests first… Wish it was different.

    • frommtvtomommy says:

      Don’t feel bad. You are making the best choice for your child. Come school time next year, I too feel 50/50 is too much for her. She needs more stability.
      Hopefully all will agree.
      But as a preschooler, it worked for us!
      When you divorce with young children, you have to both expect things will change over time. You are doing the right thing! Listening to therapists for a special needs kid is a must. Good work momma!

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