6 Reasons Youngest Sisters Make the Best Girlfriends (& Friends!)

If you’ve met a lady who says she’s the youngest sibling, you better win her heart now or you’ll end up with a serious case of regret. Everyone knows (besides perhaps the older and middle siblings) that the youngest sibling makes for an amazing better half and woman. Listen up and choose your next woman wisely and make sure she’s known as the “last in the family.”

1. She Appreciates When You Remember the Little Things

The youngest kid? Our mothers didn’t fill out our baby books — in fact, she probably didn’t even buy one or if she did, one of our older and supposedly “wiser” siblings ruined it by scribbling all over it with crayon that it never got filled out. No one remembers our first steps. Actually, neither of my parents is completely sure what my Hebrew name is because I’m number four out of four girls! (OY VEY!) as long as I was breathing, all was OK with the world.

Your youngest sibling girlfriend will go gaga if you remember her full name (that’s first, middle, and last) simply because she was most likely called by her siblings’ names for her whole life.

If you can tell her anything about her childhood — like her favorite boy band or cartoon growing up — she might make you dinner for a month! This is a good thing unless like myself, her older siblings cooked for her and now her domestic skills are less than subpar.

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