3 Ways to Gently Nudge Your Husband to Be Better in the Bedroom

Your best man may not have the heart to tell you what he wants differently in the bedroom, but he certainly will ask for you to try new things or simply to enter the bedroom with him. But moms? Well, we hesitate to ask for anything different in bed lest we hurt the male ego, which can brood silently for weeks, months, and years without a word until bam — he’s snapped! You don’t want to hurt Dad’s feelings if he’s not quite hitting the spot in the bedroom, but in a healthy relationship you should be able to ask for something you want (within reason) and the person should be willing to at least hear you out. Here are some ways you can gently nudge your man to be better in the bedroom without releasing the wrath of khan or ending up in divorce court!

Do the Work For Him With Confidence and Play

Confidence and play make the medicine go down in the most delightful way when done carefully. So if his spoon full of sugar isn’t quite right, whether it’s a particular position or oral sex technique, take the lead! Ask to switch positions, or ask him if you can show him how you love it. Tell him it would make you so happy to do the work and let him sit back and watch (and hopefully) learn.

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Get Into It Girl!


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