7 Ways To Love A Woman With HUGE Balls (Metaphorically Speaking)

She might be a little terrifying.

You love this woman but she’s quite honestly the most outspoken and bravest woman you’ve met. You might just be a little terrified of her. She never hesitates to say what she means or mean what she says, and she will call you out on your sh*t more often than not.

Perhaps you wonder if you’re man enough for this woman. She might threaten your sense of masculinity if you’re truly that insecure and need someone to validate traditional roles of masculinity. She might make you question those traditional roles and ideas of gender in ways you don’t expect.

Or, you may be relieved that she can take charge and find this a huge turn-on. It might also make you feel like more of a man, no matter where you fall on the spectrum. Here’s how to love a woman with big metaphorical balls.

Read More: 7 Ways To Love A Woman With HUGE Balls (Metaphorically Speaking)

She’s Got Game,


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