5 Signs He or She Doesn’t Care About you

When someone shares his or her feelings with you and says he or she cares, it could make your heart skyrocket for days, especially when the feelings are intense and mutual.

But the reality is when it comes to love and relationships, words matter but actions matter more. How do you truly know if the person you’re involved with, whether male or female, is genuine?

Here are 5 Signs he or she doesn’t truly care about you.

I recently dealt with a guy who seemed like a dream. A great man with good values. But because he wasn’t able to commit, I questioned (and still do) how viable his feelings were for me even though he seemed like a wonderful man and person.


In my eyes if someone truly cares about you, he or she will:

1- Be Ready to Prioritize You

If he or she isn’t making you a priority, most likely your potential partner doesn’t really care.

To me, if he wasn’t ready to prioritize me, perhaps he didn’t really care.

I feel when someone cares for you he or she will be willing to make you a priority.

2- Consistent

The man or woman who cares for you will consistently be there for you, through and through.

This was something my lovely mystery guy was: consistent and caring.

3-Makes Room For You

A man or woman who cares for you will make room for you in his or her life, easily and readily. And in each aspect.

For me, my lovely mystery dude was not making room for me in his life in each aspect. Yes, he made time for me and was often in contact with me and available, but I was on the periphery of his world.

A man or woman who cares makes room and a special space, just for you.

4- Intimate

A man or woman who cares about you makes time for intimacy.

From cuddling to sex, the full package is there.


5-  Would Never Give You Up

A person who really loves you will never stop fighting to have you in his or her life.

In my case, my ex did not fight for me. Instead, he checked out.

For the mystery guy, well…he didn’t fight for me.


Feelings are complex. I will probably never know how genuine my mystery guy was or not but I hope one day the answers are more clear.

I know it took time for me to see that my ex didn’t love me– but not too much time. I figured it out pretty quickly.

I also truly believe if someone loves you, he or she will come back around.

My ex never came back around. Ever. He didn’t love me.

Mystery guy?

He remains a mystery.

For you?

Look at my list and take it to heart.

I wouldn’t lie to you.

Love Your Sister From a Jewish Mister,




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