Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Dominate During Sex

In dating advice, marriage, relationships, sex on February 19, 2016 at 3:28 pm

There are many assertive females who feel comfortable taking the lead in the bedroom and in their relationships, but just as there are assertive women, there are also a lot of women afraid of or resistant to taking the lead during sex. It may be because personality-wise, they’re more timid or perhaps have old-fashioned views that dictate the man should be the head ball player in the game of sex and love. A woman might also hesitate to make her partner submit if she’s self-conscious, insecure, or nervous.

For those of you who fall into the latter category, I’m speaking to you! If a woman has a timid personality or has a more traditional sense of sex roles, she’ll most likely never jump at the chance to lead in the bedroom, but for those of you who simply haven’t found your groove as the main woman: let me convince you that taking charge in the bedroom is a most worthy feat!

1. You’re In Control

When you are the person calling and directing the shots sexually, this means you also orchestrate the moves. Isn’t that lovely? Instead of perhaps doing what your partner wants each and every time, if you’re in charge, you get to show them what you both need and want sexually. It gives you the chance to eliminate some of their “moves” or ideas that you don’t really love with the opportunity to replace it with sexual activities and positions that you love. Which means . .

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