Why I Will Never, EVER Apologize For Being A B*tch

The sugar and spice and everything nice dialogue has put women to the back of the bus for years.

When was the last time a man apologized for being too direct, too firm, or too certain? Never! Not even in Adam & Eve’s time did man bow down for being too assertive or aggressive.

Yet when we as women get a little assertive or aggressive suddenly, we’re black widow spiders and bitches.

There’s no room in our society for women to own the space they’re in without someone putting in his or her two cents about how awful that woman is. Me? I make no apologies for when I’m a bitch. Why should I apologize for being assertive and telling people the truth?

Am I supposed to live my life on the sidelines, smiling sweetly while others walk all over me? Or not reach for my career goals and rather wait for them to happen for me magically with a spoon full of sugar?

I’m not saying I’m a jerk or rude but that I tell people how I feel and participate in every activity or job I do 100 percent. I don’t care if I’m the youngest, least experienced, only female, or the newest somewhere — if I have something to add to the conversation, I will add it.

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Not Sorry,



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