Angry Sex is the Best Sex

The best sex ever is angry sex. Mean old, infuriating, rage-inducing, blood-boiling, head-steaming, angry, angry, angry sex! Makeup sex and angry sex are truly intense and passionate experiences that might make having a fight or two worth it simply to experience the joys of unadulterated angry passion. Here’s why:

1. It’s an Outlet

Instead of yelling at each other or slamming doors, sex is the outlet and your bodies are the tools. This could equal some intense, hardcore sex, and hey, we all need that from time to time. Making love is nice and all, but sometimes a round of angry sex can beat out even the most romantic night of passion, hands down!

2. It’s a Chance to Take Out Some Frustrations on Your Partner

He probably deserves a little smack but since that’s not polite, working him hard in the bedroom until he’s burned a ton of calories and his thighs, member, and whole body are sore is a more appropriate punishment.

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Get Angry,


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