5 Things Someone Will Love You Will NEVER Do

In dating, love, marriage, relationships on February 29, 2016 at 6:37 pm

If you have to wonder if someone loves you, chances are he or she doesn’t.
But there are a few things that someone who truly loves you for all of who you are will NEVER do, no matter what.

If the person does these things, chances are he or she is toxic and it’s not a healthy love.

A person who loves you will never:

1- Leave For Good:

He or she may temporarily leave your life or need a break, but if the person really loves you, he or she isn’t going to leave you for life. Eventually, that person will return to you. The old adage, “if you love someone set them free, if they return…”is true. True love returns. Passing fancy does not.

It’s normal to need a break and it’s o.k. to fight sometimes, but if the person loves you, he or she will want to be around you.

There is one exception to this rule: if the person is a flake who keeps coming in and out of your life? That person is toxic and doesn’t love you. Or most likely, him or herself. You can’t be engaged with someone like that.

But overall, it is o.k to take a break and if someone loves you, he or she will come back around. Guaranteed. If you never hear from the person again, chances are you were scammed.

A person who loves you wants you in his or her life and wants to be around you.

2-Devalue, Undermine, or Put You Down

Someone who loves you will not devalue you or put you down. He or she will not undermine or try to thwart your success.

Only a hurtful and toxic person would do so.

3- Wavering

True love does not waver. It is consistent. The person who loves you will never feel differently. Yes, he or she may get angry or upset with you. Yes, he or she may need a break or time to him or herself to collect thoughts, take a breather etc., but the person still loves you. Period.

4- Counting Your Mistakes– Or Judging By One Mistake

One mistake does not break a love.

Unless it’s absolutely toxic.

A partner who counts your mistakes? Even worse and not loving!

5- Not Accepting You

The partner who loves you, accepts you as is.

Most of the times, I doubt my ex-husband or former relationships really loved me. I question my experiences– from the other person’s side. Not mine. I know if I said it, I meant it.

I simply question if anyone has truly ever loved me for me. As I am, flaws and wonderful points and all.

Sadly. It’s hard to think that perhaps for my whole life, and I am hitting the end of my thirties, no one has ever loved me for me.

But I know for sure what love is not.

And I know I am capable of loving someone without:

  • judging
  • wavering
  • being intolerant
  • putting down someone
  • or deserting someone

So I have confidence in that.

I’m Capable,





  1. er, don’t want to seem ‘picky’ but you might want to change the title of this post – pretty sure I counted 5 things there and not 4

    just saying ! 😆

  2. My X did all of these..👠

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