How to Kill Your Ex With Kindness

It doesn’t matter if your ex is saintly or the devil incarnate: you’ve got to learn how to navigate divorce the classy way. Not for his sake but for everyone’s sake, especially yours and your kids. If you’re divorcing with children, you won’t be free of this guy, ever. No one wants an ugly divorce, but it does happen sometimes. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ve got to bare your claws or let the drama hang out for everyone to witness as you cope with divorce and the divorce process. You can navigate any divorce with class and keep your composure when your ex is around. Save the meltdowns for when you’re with loved ones that don’t include your kids. This isn’t to say that you can’t cry around your kids or be sad. That’s not realistic. You can’t be Pollyanna 24/7 while dealing with a divorce, but you can restrain the waterworks and drama, so your kids don’t feel burdened with your emotions. They’re your kids — not your therapists, plus remember that kids are dealing with their own unique emotions regarding the divorce, so don’t give them your emotions to handle. Ladies and mothers: fix your crown, straighten that posture, and take these tips on how to kill your ex with kindness in order to keep things cool and classy!


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