4 Clear Signs A Woman Likes You


We can be difficult, can’t we?

You’re afraid to say the wrong thing or breathe the wrong way lest we cry or scream. I’m not a screamer personally. Tears though, are more my thing from time to time.

How do you know if we legitimately like you and aren’t just adding you to our flavors of the week?

This easy guide should help you out.

Thank me later.

1-Finds a Way to See You:

If you exist, she will find a way to reach out to you in any possible fashion, especially if it means seeing you. If she can’t see you, she will:

A; cry (if she’s like me) or

B: scream

2- Goes out of Her Way For You

If she gifts you or does favors for you, or generally, goes out of her way to make your life better, she likes you.

She really, really likes you.

3- Shares

If she shares her feelings or time or BOTH with you, she wants you.


4- Wants to Know the 411

If she wants to know all about you– from head to toes, birth to present-day:

she digs you, brother.

Don’t mess up.

You might win a good one!


Your Half Irish, Half Jewish Sister From an Incredibly Short Mister (Sorry Dad!)


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